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This Week's Bulletin

September 25, 2022


Morning Worship - 8am  

Morning Worship - 10:45am



 Scripture Reading


 Proclamation of the Word 

"God's Word To His Shepherds"

1 Peter 5:1-4

 Responding to the Word

Evening Worship - 6pm

"For King and Kingdom"

Matthew 6:10a


Sunday Ladies’ Bible Study
Ladies’ Bible study on Sunday nights resumes today.  This group is for those who cannot meet with us on Tuesday mornings. Join Miss Julie today at 5pm! 

Tuesday Ladies’ Bible Study
Ladies’ Bible study will start back up this coming Tuesday, September 27 at 9am.  Come join us for coffee and then we’ll enjoy a brunch before our study time.  Childcare is provided. 

Tuesday Men’s Discipleship
The Tuesday Men’s Discipleship will resume this Tuesday, September 27 at 6:30pm.  They will meet in one of the church office classrooms.  The men will start a new study in the book of Philippians. 

Resource for Parents
Parents, please use the following to review today’s Bible lesson with your child:
Numbers 22-24
“God Blesses Israel Through Balaam”
Why did Balak want Balaam to curse Israel?
What did God tell Balaam?
What did God allow Balaam’s donkey to do?
What did God allow Balaam to do to Israel?
God is sovereign and keeps His promises. 

Church Work Day
PBC will have a work day on Saturday, October 15.  Come enjoy breakfast at 8am, then roll up your sleeves to get chores done around the building.  There will be sign-up sheets for different areas soon. Stay tuned!

Adult Bible Study Classes
The Gospel of Mark – Tim Morris & Michael Muniz – Auditorium
Biblical Principles for Living – Rich Thomson – Office