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This Week's Bulletin

February 23, 2020

 Morning Worship - 8 am

 Morning Worship - 10:45 am



 Scripture Reading


 Proclamation of the Word 

"Apostates Characterized" Part 2
Jude 12-16

 Responding to the Word

Evening Worship - 6pm

"The Practical Trinity" 
Selected Texts


The Puritans
TODAY all adult Sunday school classes and Youth will meet in the auditorium for our Bible series, Puritan:  All of Life to the Glory of God.  Don’t miss Session Two of this series as we highlight the next Puritan, Thomas Goodwin, and examine his life.  Class meets at 9:30am.  Be sure to check out the bookstore for one of his books! 

Truth Trackers’ Grand Prix
Grand Prix racers, start your engines!  Come join us this Saturday, February 29 and cheer for our Truth Trackers (and some adults) as they race down the track.  Trophies will be awarded for Best Design and Speed.  On Friday, February 28 from 6 to 8pm, competitors will have a chance to pre-weigh their cars and make sure they comply with all specs.  Note:  No car adjustments will be made on the morning of the Grand Prix.  Only weigh-ins will occur.  Please see Dennie Behn if you have any questions. 

Resource for Parents
Parents, use the following to review today’s Bible lesson with your children:
Matthew 3:1-12
“John Prepares the Way for the Lord”
How did John the Baptist fulfill prophecy?
Why didn’t John allow the Pharisees and Sadducees to be baptized?
True repentance produces spiritual fruit in every believer. 

Saturday Men’s Discipleship
Men, there will be no men’s discipleship this Saturday, February 28 due to the Truth Trackers’ Grand Prix, or March 7 because of leadership attending the Shepherds’ Conference.