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This Week's Bulletin

January 22, 2023


Morning Worship - 8am
Morning Worship - 10:45am



 Scripture Reading


 Proclamation of the Word 

"Beware of False Teachers!" Part 4
2 Peter 2:10b-14

 Responding to the Word

Evening Worship - 6pm

"The Builder of the Church"
Matthew 16:18-20


PBC Orientation Class
Mark your calendars!  Our next session of “Getting to Know PBC” will be held for four weeks beginning on Sunday, February 5 at 9:30am.  If you are new to PBC, or if you would like to find out more about our church, please join Pastor Kirk as he leads this informative class.  The class will meet in the church office conference room. 

Youth Winter Camp
Youth Winter Camp is February 10-12.  The Youth from PBC will be joining the youth from Cross and Crown and Southside Bible Churches for a jam packed weekend of teaching and activities at Ponderosa Campground.  The theme this year is “Delivered”.  Knowing how the Lord has worked in history is a vital part of the Christian life.  They will walk through the account of God’s mighty work to deliver the nation of Israel from bondage in Egypt and bring them into the Promised Land.  They will see foreshadows of God’s deliverance from sin through Jesus Christ.  Please be in prayer for our youth as they spend time in God’s Word growing together.    

Resource for Parents
Parents, please use the following to review today’s Bible lesson with your child:  Judges 1-3
“Israel Disobeys God”
What was the cycle of Israel’s disobedience and God’s response?
What was a judge, and what job did he or she have in Israel?
Believers are to obey God and fear the devastating consequences of sin. 

Upcoming Events
Ladies’ Bible Study/Swap – Tuesday, Jan. 31 @ 9am
Orientation Class #1 – Sunday, February 5 @ 9:30am
Winter Fellowship – Sunday, February 19 @ 5pm

Adult Bible Study Classes
"Strange New World" – Tim Morris & Michael Muniz – Auditorium
Biblical Principles for Living – Rich Thomson – Office