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God’s Will? Which One?

The subject of God’s will is one that has been prominent in Evangelical churches for centuries. Everyone wants to know what God’s will is, but if you are going to ask what the Bible has to say about this subject, you first have to determine which way you are asking this question. You see, the Bible use the concept of “will of God” or “God’s will” in several d...

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You Say You Are an Expositor

Like many widely-used terms in the church today, “expository preaching” seems to be understood in many different ways by those who claim to practice it. What some would consider an expository sermon would be considered by others to be textual at best, or even topical. Others see expository preaching as a type of “running commentary” that merely explains a passage...

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The Nemesis of Normativity

There is a hermeneutical plague sweeping across the Evangelical world today. Although all Bible teachers are admonished in Scripture to “rightly divide the word of truth” (2 Tim. 2:15) and we are warned that not many should be teachers because the accountability is high (James 3:1), the responsibility to be faithful to the true meaning of Scripture does not seem to be ...

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Pink Deceit?

The color pink is everywhere this time of the year. Of course that is because of an orchestrated effort on the part of the Susan G. Komen for the Cure foundation and other organizations that are (supposedly) seeking a cure for breast cancer. You can’t watch a sporting event during the month of October without being inundated with the color pink. But is this a good thing?...

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Bible Roulette Anyone?

How many times have you heard someone claim a “promise from God” they got from some passage of Scripture (usually just a portion of a verse)? They usually take this as a direct message for them from God, and often it is the result of plopping open their Bible and having their finger (amazingly) land on that particular verse. Or maybe they simply pull a part of a verse ...

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