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Israel Trip October 2018

Come join us for a trip to Israel in October 2018

Isreal panoramic

Join Pastor Kirk Youngblood and 46 of your friends in October 2018 as we make a memorable 10 day journey to the Holy Land. Anyone who has been to Israel cannot wait to return. This trip will connect so many spiritual dots as we actually stand near locations describe in the Bible and read God’s Word! There is no other place on earth where the Bible comes so vividly alive! Imagine what it will be like riding on the Sea of Galilee, Standing on the Temple Mount, praying in the Garden of Gethsemane, viewing the Old City of Jerusalem from the Mount of Olives or peering into the Empty Tomb. There's no part of your life that won't be enhanced after you've traveled the land of the Bible. You'll simply never be the same! Ask anyone who's been there! Pastor Kirk’s Biblically astute teaching will deepen your learning experience as you travel the Holy Land from the heart of Tel Aviv on the Mediterranean Coast, to Galilee in the north, to the Dead Sea on the eastern border, to the Old City of Jerusalem in the heart of Israel.

You can easily see why this will change the way you read your Bible—FOREVER! This is truly the trip of a lifetime... so join Pastor Kirk, Julie & your friends at PBC to make your Bible come alive as you visit God's most special place on earth, the Holy Land! Remember, space is limited so get on the list soon! A detailed meeting will be held in September with brochures.

For more info or to be placed on a mailing list for trip updates contact: Stan Burek at 303-805-0239, or pbcisrael2018@gmail.com


Visit the tour here!

The Bible will come alive as you visit scores of Biblical & Historical sites in Israel, including:

Caesarea - Acts 10,11,12,21,23,25
Mt. Carmel – 1Ki 18, 2Ki 2
Megiddo - Jos 12-17, 2Ki 9,23, 2Ch 35, Zec 12, Rev 16
Nazareth - MT 2,4, LK 1,2
Tiberias - JN 6
Capernam - MT 4,8,11,17, MK 1,2,9, LK 4,7,10, JN 2,4,6
Dan - Deut 34, Judg 18, Jer 8, Eze 48
Bethsaida - MT 11, MK 6,8, LK 9,10, JN 1, 12
Mount of Beatitudes - MT 5-7 Jordan River - Jos 3, MT 3, MK 1
Sea/Lake of Galilee/Tibereas/Gennesaret - MT 4, 15, MK 1, 7, JN 6,21, LK 5 Praetorium/Judgement Hall of Pilate - JN 18, MK 15
Caesarea Philippi - MT 16 Pool of Bethesda - JN 5
Ein Gedi - Gen 14, Jos 15, 1Sa 23,24, 2Ch 20, Eze 47
Beth-Shean/Scythopolis - 1Sa 31, 2Sa 21,1Ch 10
Dead Sea/Salt Sea - Gen 14, Num34, Deu 3, Jos 12, 15 18, Zec 14
Golgotha - MT 27, MK15, JN 19 Gethsemane - MT 26, MK 14
Mount of Olives - 2SA 15, Zec 14, MT 21,24,26, MK 11,13,14, LK 19,22, JN 8
House of Caiaphas – Mt 26, JN 18
Garden Tomb/ Gordons Calvary - MT 27, MK 15, LK 23, JN 19

The Old City of Jerusalem, Masada Yad Vashem, Qumran Caves. The Western Wall, Qumran,
The Valley of Tears, Temple Mount, Jerusalem Museum, & other Historical Sites