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Pastor's Heart

From Your Pastor's Heart
June 4


I think it would be safe to say that today is a day of beginnings.  Not only do we officially begin the three months considered as the “summer months” but we are also beginning two new sermon series and a doctrinal series.  I will begin going through the Book of Proverbs on Sunday mornings (beginning today) and Pastor John will begin through the Book of Esther on Sunday evenings (also beginning today).

In addition, we will launch our summer doctrinal series on Biblical eschatology in the Bible Study hour.  This will be held in the auditorium for nine consecutive weeks covering the months of June and July, and led by our pastoral staff.  It is for all adults and youth.

The basic format for this study is the section on eschatology found in our PBC doctrinal statement (which can also be found in the back of the MacArthur Study Bible).  In addition, we are leaning heavily on a book by Dr. Michael Vlach called Dispensationalism: Essential Beliefs and Common Myths.  We have copies of this in the bookstore if you would like to read it in connection with this series.  It will be especially important for the first two weeks.  We believe a dispensational hermeneutic is the key to a right understanding of Bible prophecy.  Hopefully, after going through this study, you will understand why.

Pastor Kirk