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Pastor's Heart

From Your Pastor's Heart
March 15 


For the last couple of weeks, we have been looking at an article by Tim Challies called “Why I Love an Evening Service.”  Today I want to highlight the third reason, which is to provide another opportunity to learn.   As Christians we should always be looking for ways to learn and grow, and the Sunday evening service provides that in a unique way.

During Tim Challies’s childhood, the Sunday evening service was devoted to the use of a catechism where questions were answered in depth.  We don’t follow that, but Sunday night is still a great time to be instructed in God’s Word.  We usually go through a book of the Bible, but it is also a chance to focus on a specific doctrine or to clarify something we covered on Sunday mornings. The relaxed atmosphere of the evening service allows for this.  We often use this time to deal with a particular area of theology which we may not cover in the morning service.  This is one more way to learn and grow spiritually.

Let me add one more thing.  I believe it is the best thing you can do for your family. We are constantly bombarded with the thinking of this world, so we should be doing everything we possibly can to offset that with solid, biblical instruction.  Sunday evening is just one more time we can get that kind of instruction. 

Pastor Kirk