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Pastor's Heart

From Your Pastor's Heart
February 28

As I worked on my assignment to explain the sovereignty of God I was incredibly humbled.  I felt like an ant trying to explain a super-computer.  (Not that God is just some sort of computer, but to make a comparison of degree.)  I felt so small in light of His glorious omnipotence and majesty.

We all think we know what it means to speak of the sovereignty of God, but I doubt most of us really grasp its fullness.  I will do my best to explain, but like all the other attributes of God, we just have to take it by faith.  We must embrace everything the Bible tells us about the nature of God even when we cannot fully comprehend.  There is much about the nature and character of God we simply must believe just because His Word tells us, that is what He is like.  And so it is with His sovereignty.  We can’t comprehend the fullness of it but we can embrace it by faith.

The truth of the matter is, most of us would like to retain a degree of sovereignty for ourselves.  Many today minimize the sovereignty of God in order to retain control of their lives.  They rightly understand that the sovereignty of God means He alone has the right to rule.  Well, I hope I can at least shed a little bit of light on this complex, but critical doctrine.

Pastor Kirk