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Pastor's Heart

From Your Pastor's Heart
October 13

I read this week about a limited edition sneaker that supposedly contains holy water and has been blessed by a priest. The shoes sold out in minutes despite the cost of $3,000 per pair.  This reflects the gullibility and lack of discernment prevalent in our world.  The truth is, these are plain Nike Air Max 97s.  The holy water supposedly came from the Jordan River.  This fuels the false belief that if you get baptized there, something magical happens regardless of whether there is genuine repentance and true saving faith in your heart.

There has been much in the media recently about prominent pastors wearing extremely expensive sneakers when they preach.  I don’t know if those sneakers were filled with holy water, but apparently they were worn as a way of showing how cool they are.  The shoes fit with their skinny jeans and casual T-shirts.  Of course, that is all part of a philosophy of ministry that we do not embrace.  To begin with, I wouldn’t wear tennis shoes in the pulpit.  I am grateful for my black dress shoes.  They don’t contain holy water, but they do just fine.  Not only are they good for preaching, they are also good for praying - that people (especially Christians) would have much more discernment.

Pastor Kirk