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Pastor's Heart

From Your Pastor's Heart
July 3


There are so many things to get upset about in our country right now and it is easy to forget that we still live in a nation that allows a great measure of freedom (at least for now). We should be grateful for that freedom and celebrate what we have in America. Certainly God’s plan is much bigger than just our country, but this nation has been used of God to spread the gospel all around the world.  For that we should be grateful, and we should remember that with freedom always comes responsibility.  We are under marching orders from the Lord to proclaim His truth to all who will hear.  So, as we celebrate the freedom we have in this country, let’s also re-commit ourselves to make the most of it in regard to His Kingdom purposes.

In light of the holiday weekend, we will not have an evening service tonight, but next Sunday evening we will resume our study of the Olivet Discourse.  Even though there are many things happening in our world right now that are concerning for us, we must remember that all these things are prophesied in God’s Word.  In fact, I believe we are now seeing the very things of which the Bible describes.  So I hope you will join us for this new study as we think about the signs Jesus gave of the end of the age.  It’s not like we haven’t been warned.  The only question is whether or not we will respond in a way that honors Him.

Pastor Kirk