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Pastor's Heart

From Your Pastor's Heart
November 22 


What a sweet time it was last Sunday evening as we shared our praise and thanksgiving to God for all His gracious provisions!  Even though we were not able to have our big meal together, I hope it was a blessing to all of you.  It is good to give thanks to the Lord and a joy to hear from our church family.

We are headed into the week of Thanksgiving observance.  I hope you will continue, with your family, to express your gratitude to God.  I know these are difficult days to navigate, but I hope we will face them with grateful hearts, and be sure to offer up to God a sacrifice of praise.

Some have asked what we are planning in view of the tighter restrictions.  Our elders are in agreement that we need to continue to meet together as a church no matter what.  If there was ever a time when the church needs to be the church, it is now.  We have no intention of backing down because we have a biblical mandate as well as a constitutional right to assemble together.  We are taking precautions, but we are committed to assemble together to worship our Lord.  Please pray that the Lord will allow us to do exactly this.

Pastor Kirk