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Pastor's Heart

From Your Pastor's Heart
July 12 


Since the beginning of the pandemic we have had 18 deaths associated in some way with our church family.  None of the deaths that have occurred locally have been connected with the virus, but these deaths are tragic, nonetheless.  Our hearts go out to those who have lost loved ones recently.  Let’s be diligent to pray for and encourage those who are grieving.

One of those we lost was Jenna Ervin.  There will be a memorial service for her on Saturday, July 25 at 10:00am.  For those of you who knew Jenna, would you consider attending this service to encourage the family?  Jenna was a vital part of the early days of the church, and she was directly involved in the construction of our main building.  Another service you can put on your calendar is for Wilson Dennehy.  His memorial service is set for Tuesday, September 15, at 11:00am.

It’s great to have our missionary with us today.  They are on their way to the mission field very soon.  They will fill us in this evening.


Pastor Kirk