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Pastor's Heart

From Your Pastor's Heart
January 22


I am so grateful this church is a praying church!  With all the serious needs recently, it is good to know that this body of believers is lifting those up to the Lord.  Not only are there physical needs, but there are also many spiritual and relational ones as well.  Some are grieving the loss of family members.  Some have marriage struggles. Some have concerns with their work.  These are all things we need to be praying for as a church.  I believe God works through the prayers of His people.

And, not only do we need prayer in the church, we also need it for our country. It was interesting how we saw an entire nation (really) unite together to pray for a football player who collapsed on the field. That’s great to see, but now we just need to get the entire nation to pray for genuine spiritual revival and a return to God’s Word. I’m thankful the football player is doing better, but what we really need is true, spiritual revival.  Great revivals that have swept our nation in the past have all started with massive, united prayer – and we are in desperate need of another one.  We are teetering on the edge of moral depravity and we are in desperate need of the mercy and forgiveness of God.  So, as we pray, let’s not forget to pray for that as well.

Pastor Kirk