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Pastor's Heart

From Your Pastor's Heart
August 1 


Now that we have hit the month of August, it is time to begin thinking about gearing back up for the fall. As you know, we don’t have all our ministries going through the summer months, but we will soon be back in full swing. I hope you are making plans to re-engage in the various ministries that will be kicking off soon. It seems like the summer has been going by quickly, but we will back into our full programming soon.

Please be in prayer for our students as they are at camp this week. We look forward to hearing great things from them when they return. Experiences like this are so important for our young people. Pray that it will be life-changing for them.

Speaking of praying, please be in prayer for our elders as we work on plans for dealing with our recent growth. God has blessed us with many new people, but that necessitates thinking ahead and making plans that will allow us to continue to grow. We will let you know as soon as we have something firm. Thank you for praying.

Pastor Kirk