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Truth Trackers

Truth Trackers

"Limited Space"

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  1. To disciple children in the basics of the Christian faith.
  2. To help children memorize the Bible and daily spend time with God.
  3. To incorporate the family into activities and Bible memory.
  4. To give opportunities for strategic evangelism.

Truth Trackers LearningTruth Trackers is a children's program that systematically and purposefully disciples children.  This program is for children 3 years old and up through 6th grade. 

Truth-Trackers-teaching-2AEach week your child will LOCK-IN God's truth with organized, responsive Bible memory.  They will be taught to LIVE-OUT God's truth through practical daily devotions and weekly Bible lessons that are creative, Biblically illuminating, and easy to understand.  To make it easy for families to lock-in and live-out the doctrinal truths, all clubbers 1st through 6th grade will go through the same verses, devotions, and lesson topic at the same time.

We, at Parker Bible, are excited about this new Truth-Trackers-prayingprogram.  It will give us the tools to equip parents to purposefully disciple their children.  Children can and need to learn the basics of the Christian faith.  Truth Trackers helps accomplish this with a systematic approach to Bible verse memory, daily devotions and Biblical lessons. 

The Truth Trackers approach and philosophy of children's discipleship is deliberate and Biblical.  Read more about this program at www.TruthTrackers.org.